Guess Who David Brent is Following Downunder?

Posted Tuesday 02 Aug 2016

Ricky Gervais follows just 29 people on Instagram world-wide out of his nearly 1 million followers, and one of those is now @triggerworld, the handle of the creative brains at Trigger Marketing & Publicity, who are the wonderful people who supply us with free tickets and promotions for various movie releases.

Trigger joins an exclusive group which features verified accounts like 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake and America Ferrera.

Ricky Gervais is the creator of The Office, Extras, Derek, An Idiot Abroad and The Ricky Gervais Show. Trigger are currently working on Ricky Gervais' most recent film Life on the Road opening in New Zealand cinemas September 1. Shortly after Gervais followed the film distributor and Trigger client, Entertainment One (@eone_anz).

There has been no collusion behind the scenes as Trigger have had no direct contact with Ricky Gervais via their client relationship with Entertainment One.

Trigger Marketing & Publicity Managing Director Adria Buckton comments "to be the first New Zealand account to be followed is quite an achievement. Clearly it is quality not quantity that starts a trajectory in the Social Media space - Ricky Gervais followed us despite our modest audience, he must have liked our cheeky kiwi approach. We have only been using Instagram for a short while and our focus has not been one hundred percent on our own handles, though we do water them for growth and this is one remarkably exciting follow. It is especially pleasing as this is a special area of focus for our team - helping other companies in the Social Media space."

Trigger have been busy earmarking companies they would like to work with in the social media world and putting together a pitch deck to shop around; this validation adds to their arsenal to support their aspirations of becoming a go to SME Social Media agency.

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WIFT Members Scoop NZ on Air Funding

Posted Tuesday 02 Aug 2016

In the latest NZ on Air funding decisions, WIFT members feature prominently. We are so pleased and delighted that you are able to secure this important funding so we really do see more of NZ on air - but especially work by NZ women tv and filmmakers. Congratulations!

Funding details:

Coast NZ 2, 6 x 1hr, Great Southern Television for TV ONE, $1,800,901 (Platinum) WIFT
Uncharted, 6 x 1hr, Frame Up Films for Prime, up to $1,500,000 (Platinum)
Lost & Found 3, 12 x 1hr, Warner Bros NZ for TV3, $1,032,439 WIFT
Forensics NZ 2, 6 x 1 hr, South Pacific Pictures for Prime, $1,020,000 WIFT
The Trial, 4 x 1hr, Razor Films for TV3, $759,679 WIFT
Country Calendar 2017, 40 x 30mins, TVNZ for TV ONE, $566,720
The Big Ward 2, 10 x 30mins, Greenstone TV for TV2, $433,611 WIFT
Islands Of The Gulf, 5 x 30mins, Top Shelf Productions for TV ONE, $362,486 WIFT
Beyond The Battalion, 1 x 1hr, Awa Films for M?ori Television, $200,000
The King In The Ring, 1 x 1hr, Notable Pictures for M?ori Television, $130,179 WIFT
Camp Twitch, 1 x 1hr, 2Bmedia for TV2, $125,000
Under The Bridge, 4 x 10mins, Greenstone TV for NZ Herald/WatchMe, $71,495 WIFT