This week's Video Slot (1)

Posted Saturday 27 Aug 2016

We are receiving a steady stream of videos/shorts etc for this slot. We like to put up a new one for each edition of E News - so if you have something out there that you want to share - please send us a link and we'll upload it for the next issue (September 13).

For THIS issue we have a great little watch (3 minutes) from WIFT member and producer Morgan Leigh Stewart:

Blood Sugar

"Blood Sugar", directed by Joe Hitchcock, explores diabetes through the eyes of an active and boisterous preschooler, Dahlia. The film brings to life a child's interpretation of what can be a life-threatening disease. In Dahlia's words "I don't know what diabetes is, but I know what it is like".

You can watch it here:

Morgan made this film as a part of the prestigious Loading Docs initiative. There are 9 other fascinating films to check out as well!