This week's Video Slot Goes To...

Posted Monday 01 Aug 2016

For the third year running, the immensely successful documentary platform Loading Docs is launching 10 new 3 minute shorts that will captivate and challenge us to see real life and local stories in new ways.

WIFT member and Executive Producer Julia Parnell says:

"This year we have challenged our filmmakers to push even harder to connect with their audiences. To do that you have to tell great stories and this dynamic collection has something for everyone. The 3-minute format continues to be a powerful way to present short stories that pack a big punch."

Check out the trailer for this year's collection. Loading Docs : Change.

In the meantime here is a look back at an outstanding short from last year. Made by Director Nikki Castle, this short doc Madness Made Me is a visual poem that grapples with two very different accounts of one person's madness, and in doing so addresses issues of the power of language, asking: is there value in madness?