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Posted Tuesday 16 Aug 2016

This short was edited by Christchurch WIFT member, Gaylene Barnes as part of Christchurch Dilemmas an independent interactive documentary funded by New Zealand On Air and supported by Radio New Zealand.

You can watch, comment and have your say about the situation through this initiative.

Christchurch is still a city in crisis and this series of independent films which are being released over the next few weeks reminds us that life is anything but 'normal' down there - unless the way people live now IS the new normal... Episodes will screen weekly at and


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BOTH WORLDS is back on TV3 this Sunday

Posted Tuesday 16 Aug 2016

As the New Zealand population hits  over four and a half million and with predictions that within 22 years just 42% of Auckland's population will be P?keh?, never has it been more important to tell the stories of young multicultural New Zealanders. TV3 series Both Worlds, made by WIFT member Julia Parnell, champions the voices of 'new' New Zealand, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation New Zealanders who are the future of our country.

Over 10 honest and inspiring episodes a group of brave young people explore issues like race, religion, feminism and identity whilst pursuing goals in comedy, music, photography, beauty pageantry and neuroscience.

These are relevant and intimate stories of young people discovering both their heritage and their place within New Zealand society as they tackle their fears, their pasts and their futures head on.

Both Worlds continues to confront a question we must all ask; what does it mean to be a New Zealander?