WIFT receives three-year funding from the NZFC!

Posted Tuesday 30 Aug 2016

As part of its gender-based initiatives, which we applaud, the NZFC has awarded WIFT NZ operating funding at the same level as the other guilds for the first time in WIFT's history.  Not only that, but as long as we meet our grant conditions, this funding is guaranteed for three years so you, our members (now over 600 of you)  can be sure that we will be here to continue to support you as we tackle the gender equality issues we face.  Many of you attend our workshops, some of which are now over-subscribed and therefore are moving to bigger venues.  If you currently don't come along maybe now is the time - remember the WIFT programme is designed to increase your skills so you can compete effectively, and even if you don't need the specific content you definitely need to network to increase your chances of getting work and meeting potential collaborators!

We thank the NZFC and the team who support WIFT and all its members.

Patricia Watson

National Manager

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Amy Street - Launches This Week

Posted Tuesday 30 Aug 2016

WIFT members Viv Kernick and Kirsty Griffin are the powerhouse behind "AMY STREET  - more than meets the eye" that launches online Sunday September 4.  It's edited by fellow WIFT member Prisca Bouchet.

It's a series of eight short films  about nine special people  and life unscripted. It's a work in progress  - an eight-part documentary series, which centres around the lives of the residents of The Supported Life Style Hauraki Trust.

In a world where the self-called 'Life Stylers' are sometimes labelled by their disability, Amy Street turns the spotlight on the people instead of the label. Taking a real look at the colourful lives of the residents, and  their larger than life personalities. 

Each of the eight short films focuses on a different resident of Amy Street and explores their desires, challenges and relationships as they navigate a complex world.

Here is the link to the trailer on  vimeo

https://vimeo.com/178874406 or here it is on you tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1pC8H5Q9g0