Writing Comedy for the Screen - Wellington

Posted Monday 29 Aug 2016

Mon 12 Sept, 6-7pm, Ng? Taonga, Wellington

Whether its odd-ball characters, slapstick or dark humour, in sketch or narrative content, are we making the most of our potential to write great comedic work for the screen?

This September STS brings together a panel of screenwriters and comedians for serious discussion about comedy.

Join STS to hear from actor/writer Cohen Holloway (HAPPY HOUR) and writer/actor Loren Taylor (EAGLE VS SHARK) as they talk to actor/writer/playwright Tom Sainsbury (SUPER CITY) about the challenge of creating comedic stories and characters that come alive on screen.

Come early for a drink and stay afterwards for a slice of pizza on STS.

Monday 12 September, 5.30pm drinks, 6-7pm talk. Ng? Taonga Sound & Vision, 84 Taranaki Street. $5 koha appreciated.

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Bonnie's New Adventure..

Posted Monday 29 Aug 2016

Many of you will have had contact with Bonnie Slater over the years at NZFC. She left last week for new horizons, but the WIFT member is promising to stay in touch - here is some info about her new role and we wish her all the best.

"My new role is a bit of a change up and a new challenge for me but one I can't wait to start.  I am moving into the world of coaching Agile teams at Boost New Media.  It's values are something I'm very passionate about and it's something I have been intrigued by for a long time.  It's a new challenge and after supporting so many filmmakers over the years, it's now time for me to develop a new path for myself.  I am so grateful for the time I have spent at the NZFC.  I have had the pleasure of working with the wonderful, committed staff at the commission for five years now and many, many inspiring filmmakers that have made this period truly meaningful.  I have loved supporting and nurturing the current and the future voices of our screen industry.  While I am incredibly sad to leave, I am excited to start my own journey."