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Posted Friday 16 Dec 2016

First up, this week's offering for the video slot is from Nathalie Boltt, The Silk. Here's a synopsis to get you started...

The Silk, Mrs Blackie's cherished wedding present, has lain, untouched, in the cupboard for 50 years. Now that her lifetime with Mr Blackie is drawing to a close, she decides to finally take her scissors to it. As it is transformed into his laying-out pyjamas, the memories of their life together become interwoven with the fabric. When their bond is broken, the silk reveals its final surprise.

The Silk  was selected for 14 international film festivals and Show Mr Shorts in NZ. It won 8 awards, including Best Short Film (Dallas FF, Rockport FF, Honolulu FF and Fargo FF), Best Cinematography, Best Actress (Kate Harcourt) and a number of audience awards and is based on the much loved story by NZ icon, Joy Cowley. Nathalie Boltt is developing a feature film, Holy Days, based on a book by the same writer.

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Need a media partner for your projects?

Posted Friday 16 Dec 2016

WIFT member Helena Bethune would like to get in touch with people who need help putting pitches and proposals together.

For a contracted fee (mutually agreeable) she is happy to meet with you and discuss your projects and how she can help secure you a media platform and audience.

Feel free to check out her details below.

Mobile 020 476 1495

SKYPE Helena_Bethune

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