Let's hear it for the boys

Posted Sunday 04 Dec 2016

You may not be aware that 5% of the WIFT membership is made up of male friends who support women in the screen industry, and we thank them for their engagement with us and their interest in gender balance.

Two of those men, Thomas Sainsbury and David Gould have had recent wins and we celebrate with them.  If you were at the 2016 WIFT Awards you saw Dynamotion in action - choreographed by Tom Sainsbury who has just won the HP48HRS Grand Champion Award for writing and directing (Time) Travel Centre.

Meanwhile David Gould cleaned up at the Australian Screen Industry Network Awards, winning Best Short Film, Best Producer, and Highest Achievement in Directing for TOMORROW'S DREAM.

Gentlemen, don't forget there are over 600 women in the WIFT membership keen to work on your next feature film!!