Stop looking at your phone and start USING it...

Posted Tuesday 13 Dec 2016

A 15,000 Euro prize is worth getting to grips with the filmability of your mobile phone!  It's also something to do over the Christmas break - you have until 3 January 2017  to submit your film and at the moment entries are primarily from men so let's see if a woman from New Zealand can snaffle that international prize!! Bikinis, beaches, barbies - optional!

For the last 12 years, the Mobile Film Festival has been based on a very simple principle  1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film .


The goal is to detect, support and accelerate carriers of young and talented film makers.

But sadly not many girls and women are participating.

This year the organisers want things to change! And they would be more than honored to receive film from WIFTNZ members and highlight women in the film industry.


They are offering 2 grants of 15.000 Euros. One for the best international and one for the best French short film.  Those grants are dedicated to making a film in one year with the help of a producer of your choice. The films produced in past years have won prizes all over the world.


The past winners are now making their own films such as Morgan Simon who will release his short film "Compte tes blessures" in February,  a film that already has won a special prize at the San Sebastian Festival.

It's a real opportunity to participate in a free and accessible international festival.