And now for something completely different...

Posted Monday 29 Feb 2016

Christchurch WIFT member Jackie Clark is promoting her lovely drug free lamb to all members...

Do you like to know where your meat comes from?

It is a very interesting journey following meat from the pasture to the point of sale. Do you know with certainty that your meat has been grown without the use of sprays on the paddocks; or without the use of antibiotics, vaccines or hormones injected into the animals; that the lambs have grown to maturity as nature intended on clean fresh pastures without being fed genetically modified grains; that the meat is not gas flushed to extend its shelf life to 10-14 weeks; that it is actually NZ meat your are eating and not imported meat, and that it's certainly not a returned export meat order that's been half way round the world and back then re-presented to you as a "special" to purchase in butcher shops or supermarkets?

If you really are aware of what you and your family eat, and you would like to

order premium New Zealand "clean meat", we invite you to visit our website and put in your order for our delicious, healthy, home

grown, drug free lamb direct from our boutique meat plant - Bycroft Rural Ltd in

North Canterbury.

Whole or sides of lamb are available, grown on fresh grass pasture in North

Canterbury, hand picked by our Master Butcher, locally processed at registered

MPI establishments, then further processed into the cuts of your personal choice,

vacuumed packed, deep chilled and delivered direct to your door anywhere in

New Zealand.

Orders can be placed via the "Ordering" page

Whole lamb processed to your specific preference options is $330 including

freight to your door and GST. A side of lamb is $180 inclusive.

Please visit and see what our customers

are saying about our lamb.

For any queries, or if you have an enquiry about trade orders, please feel free to

call or email

Ph: 03 314 2555

Chris Carthy, Master Butcher, Bycroft Rural Ltd.