Next Steps for HeforShe Campaign in New Zealand

Posted Tuesday 09 Feb 2016

Continuing our theme of gender equality - here is the latest info on

The UN Women Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality

Your passion and determination will contribute to the collective goal of achieving

gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls around the world.

Below is a list of suggested actions that you can take in support of the

HeForShe campaign.

1.  Like the   New Zealand HeforShe Campaign Facebook page.

2.  Introduce at least one close friend or relative to the   HeForShe campaign and encourage them to participate in the campaign and sign up in New Zealand.

3. Share your  insights with other women and contribute to the global conversation on gender equality via   Facebook,   Twitter,   Instagram and   Youtube.

4.  Participate in HeForShe activities in your community, youth club, university or school. 

5.  Organise a HeForShe event in your community.  You are encouraged to host an  advocacy event in partnership with community partners and where feasible co-host the event with civil society organisations to ensure high level engagement and support.

There is no single ideal format for a HeForShe event, rather, the format should be informed by your goals, and what you want to generate from the event. Remember - The   success   of   this   international   solidarity   movement   requires   your participation,  contribution   and   action!