BOTH WORLDS is returning for a fifth series on TV3 and is seeking new stories now!

Posted Monday 25 Jan 2016

Do you or somebody you know have an inspiring story to share?

Express who you are and how you fit into the NZ community. If you have a story about your cultural identity, or know someone who does, then Notable Pictures would love to talk to you about appearing in the Both Worlds documentary series!

With your help they can open people's minds and crush stereotypes by revealing just how diverse NZ's migrant, ethnic and refugee communities are!

Both Worlds puts an innovative spin on special interest programming for TV3, where ten young New Zealanders turn a camera on themselves to uncover the diverse and changing nature of what it means to be a Kiwi today. Now in its fifth series, they are looking for more young New Zealanders to tell their stories to New Zealand and the world.

Both Worlds has a large catalogue of unique cultural stories that you can view here

If you or somebody you know fits this brief, get in touch with Notable Pictures. They would love to explore the potential of sharing your story.

Phone: (09) 301 1061