Competition Time! (4)

Posted Monday 25 Jan 2016

The 5th annual Short Screenplay Contest run by Kansas City WIFT has a final deadline of Feb. 1, 2016.

All members of a Women in Film chapter get a discount on their entry fee. Please see  The final judges include Morgan Dameron of Bad Robot Productions, Kevin Willmott ("Chi-Raq"), and Kerri Yost of the Citizen Jane Institute and Film Festival.

The contest has 2 goals: (1) Encourage more women to write screenplays. (2) Encourage all writers to develop female protagonists. To accomplish these goals, they offer 2 prizes:

$1,000 for Best Screenplay by a Female Writer (or writing team)

$500 for Best Female Protagonist (open to both men and women who can also vie for the top prize)

So if you are sitting at the beach wondering where to pitch that screenplay - give this a go!