Crowdfunding for Films Continues

Posted Monday 04 Jul 2016

WIFT members Jane Sherning-Warren (producer) and Carolyn Beaver (writer) are making a short film  ...and yes, they need money. Please join them on this huge and exciting journey by helping bring this script to life with some cold hard moolah:

If your contribution to their Boosted campaign gets them across the line, they will commence shooting in August. Please help and share !

All donors will be kept up to date on the project throughout development and production and if you like the FaceBook page, you'll get other updates as well

In recognition of your valued support, all donors will be acknowledged in the film's closing credits. Donations made by NZ income earners qualify for a tax credit of up to 33% from the IRD with a receipt provided by The Arts Foundation. That means if you donate $100 that you earned in NZ, you can claim up to $33 back from the IRD.

Boosted is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform, which means if they don't reach their target, the donations are returned to the donors. Please support them in reaching their goal so they can make a beautiful and meaningful film that they will all be proud of. Thank you whole heartedly for your support.