Stephen Follows does Brexit

Posted Tuesday 05 Jul 2016

Two weeks ago 52% of the UK population voted for the UK to leave the European Union (EU) and Stephen has done a column focusing on the data behind how Brexit will affect the UK film industry.

The full article is here

He takes a look at the numbers behind how a post-Brexit UK film industry would fare with regard to development, production, distribution, exhibition, festivals, innovation and education.  This includes how MEDIA spent over �100 million towards various aspects of the UK film industry in just seven years.

From the Archives: A few years ago Stephen looked at how film industries around Europe differ.  In 2012, the French had the largest box office (only just beating the British), the Swiss had the most expensive cinema tickets (three times that of the Turks) and Turkey had the largest percentage of local films in their cinemas (47%).

You can read that full article here