TWO Discount Providers in one Hit!

Posted Monday 18 Jul 2016

It's Auckland Theatre Company's Next Big Thing Festival and it's at the Basement.

Both these important organisations are WIFT discount providers - so that means all WIFT members can get discount tickets to performances - like the Next Big Thing Festival featuring three brand-new world premiere shows created and performed by some of the brightest rising stars in the biz.

Until July 30, watch these young thespians sing, dance, revolt, riot, fall in love, fall out of love, lose their religion and get famous across our stage, showing you who precisely is the Next. Big. Thing. In Auckland theatre.

There are some of your fave old pros on board to mentor and direct and a live band to boot, it's going to be a great time even for those of you who aren't talent scouts or crazy stage parents (especially with those cheap as festival passes they are selling). 

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda
15 - 30 July


What will you fight to the death for?

An eclectic ensemble of radical performers celebrate protest and revolution in a call to action that is part riot and all party.

Devised with the cast.
Director: Ahi Karunaharan

$10 - $20

Angels (Re:born)
15 - 30 July


How do you choose between faith and fame?

It's 1993 and in a church hall in Grey Lynn good Samoan girls Stevie and Sing are about to form their band ANGELS and change their lives forever. But will these BFFs remain the same when they have to choose between faith and fame?

By Tanya Muagututi'a and Joy Vaele
Director: Lavinia Uhila

$10 - $20


15 - 30 July


"Are you scared? Are you angry? Are you nervous? Are you slightly aroused? Did you answer yes to all of the above?"

With live music and bold new writing get ready for the immersive experience which is BRAVADO!

By Frith Horan, Natasha Hoyland, Beanie Maryse-Ridler and Billie Staples

Director: Naomi Cohen
Creative Director: Benjamin Henson
Live Band: Galaxy Bear
Dramaturg: Phoebe Mason

$10 - $20