Children's Web Series Needs Your Help

Posted Wednesday 22 Jun 2016

When the Earth sends out a distress call to distant caretaker aliens,  a young Maori boy,  JUSTIN, intercepts the communication and must find a way to be heard in order to save the world.

The RESET Children's Sci Fi Web Series, written and produced by longtime WIFT member Tanya Wheeler,  has been accepted by Maori Television On Demand and received funding from NZ ON AIR. They now have an opportunity to package the project to Australia for co-production as a Television Series. BUT they need funds to finalise the VFX post production and to develop the project for pitching in Australia. Without additional funds, they can't secure that chance. Becoming a television series means employing many filmmakers for up to a year or more, and keeping that money in New Zealand. It means an opportunity to get a local TV series for kids out to the kids of the world. It means a chance to show that kiwis can shine when it comes to environment, education, and that we can encourage others to listen to our world when it needs us.

RESET is about kids trying to do the right thing against the odds.

The RESET team have worked hard on this project for a year and they are proud of their cast and crew and want to make more because this story is just getting started! You can boost them to the next level.

This is the link: