Discount to the NZIFF

Posted Tuesday 07 Jun 2016

Thanks to NZIFF who have offered members an industry discount for purchasing tickets to this year's NZIFF screenings in Auckland. The full programme is out June 20 and tickets go on sale June 24.

As in previous years you can purchase online 1 A code ticket per screening at this special price  ($15.50) when you use the password below:

Password: WIFT2016

Please ensure that you have your WIFT membership cards with you when attending the screening with this special priced ticket as you may be asked for I.D. by venue staff.

It looks like another fantastic programme of films so pop the link below into your browser,  settle back, pray for rain, book that babysitter and get viewing!

NZIFF Dates 2016

Auckland 14 - 31 July
Wellington 22 July - 7 August
Christchurch 28 July - 14 August
Dunedin 4 - 21 August

AND for music film buffs... here is a line up of the music films on offer. It celebrates the best in the world of music from an R&B Queen, to the 60s' most avant-garde rocker, to a soundstage in Buenos Aires, travelling the world with Yo-Yo Ma, and on to an audition for an outback choir.

Miss Sharon Jones!

Academy Award-winning documentary maker Barbara Kopple delivers definitive proof, from show-stopping testimony in a small South Carolina church to Manhattan's Beacon Theatre, that nobody raises the roof like Sharon Jones.

"The narrative arc of the film is the diminutive ('four foot 11 and a quarter') singer's more than year-long battle with cancer - and her return to performing. But by lavishing huge helpings of Jones' music and explosive performances on what is a very intimate portrait, the two-time Oscar-winning [Barbara] Kopple keeps the doco from ever becoming maudlin, or predictable, or from even slowing down." - John Anderson, Indiewire

Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in his Own Words

Director Thorsten Sch�tte's doco splices together performance and interview footage of the ever-articulate rock star (and talk-show guest) Frank Zappa to recount the story of his defiantly non-conformist musical journey.

"A compelling gateway documentary that should absorb both fans and novices alike." - Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter


Carlos Saura, the Spanish director of such classics as Flamenco, Tango and Blood Wedding, mounts a dazzling showcase for the leading contemporary performers of traditional Argentinian music and dance.

"Lyrical and moving,  Argentina is also a glorious reminder that every film should be a passion project." - Vancouver International Film Festival

The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble

On a quest to uncover Leonard Bernstein's 'universal language of music', renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma travels the old 'Silk Road' with virtuoso musicians from diverse instrumental traditions to collaborate on rousing new musical explorations.

"The intersection of cultures is where new things emerge." - Yo-Yo Ma

Wide Open Sky

In this charming documentary from Lisa Nicol, gifted teacher and musician Michelle Leonard travels to under-resourced outback NSW, auditioning children then schooling the chosen 130 to perform in the annual Moorambilla Voices choir.

"This down-to-earth crowd pleaser is a terrific antidote to the razzle-dazzle hype of TV talent shows." - Richard Kuipers, Variety