Fancy a night at the Theatre?

Posted Wednesday 08 Jun 2016

Well next week you can kill two birds as they say, by having a night out AND supporting our 2015 Intern and WIFT member Romy Hooper who stars in Te Rehia Theatre Company's 'Yours Truly.'



Written and directed by award winning Maori playwright Albert Belz, 'Yours Truly' is a gothic romance of forbidden love, betrayal and sexual politics - set beneath the foggy gas-light of London, 1888. A prince has fallen in love with a common shop-girl unleashing a devil amidst the shadows. Jack the Ripper stalks the streets in a macabre defence of the throne, while 'modern' media enters into a frenzied bloodlust to match. Now, only the little renowned artist Walter Sickert can stop the madness. But in order to defeat the devil, one must enter hell - this is theatre at its bloody best.

"The story is beautiful - love and politics, blood and guts - a winning combination if ever there was one."  - Jan Maree (Theatreview)

"Belz wields his pen with surgical skill and precision" - Capital Times

Romy performs alongside her old 'Nothing Trivial' flame Blair Strang, with Ascia Maybury, Stephen Brunton, Esmee Myers, Ben Van Lier and Adam Rohe.

Opening Thursday 16 June to Saturday 18 June, Q Theatre is their first venue of three for this Matariki Festival tour. Bookings at

A season at Waiheke's ArtWorks Theatre from Thursday 30 June to Saturday 2 July - (bookings at is followed by a finale at Te Rehia's headquarters; Te Pou Theatre from Thursday 14 July to Saturday 16 July. Bookings at

All shows 7:30pm, $25 adult, $20 concession and Equity/WIFT/guild members.

Spread the word and support your fellow WIFT members!

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Posted Wednesday 08 Jun 2016

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