Free Boxed Set To Win

Posted Tuesday 07 Jun 2016

Yes - winter is a comin' and we know you like to stay close to the couch and the fire so we are delighted to offer THREE BOXED SETS OF the three series of The Bridge to give away.  Fabulous addictive Scandinavian drama with a fascinating female lead!! Want to know more? Read on...And HUGE thanks to Madman for their kind donation...


The critically acclaimed Danish-Swedish crime drama delivers a spectacular Series 3 with Sofia Helin returning as the iconic Swedish police detective Saga Noren. When a famous Danish gender activist is found murdered in Malmo, Saga is assigned to the case, together with a new colleague.

The murder sparks the beginning of a series of spectacular crimes reaching back into Saga's own past. With her career at risk, and the question of personal responsibility haunting her, it looks as if she might be pulled from the case. When her mother unexpectedly re-enters her life, Saga must also cope with unforeseen - and unwanted - demands from her.

SO just watch the trailer and answer this simple question: What colour lipstick are the mannequins (and the victim) wearing as they sit around the table?

Answers by 5 pm June 10 to - answers in the subject line PLEASE.

Trailer for Series 3:

If you can't wait - here is a link to buy the whole series and binge away...

Purchase link: