NZ On Air's music funding scheme changes

Posted Wednesday 22 Jun 2016

NZ On Air's support for new music is changing to recognise the fast changing nature of audience behaviour, and to better connect audiences with local music.

The New Music [Project] funding scheme will support artists with the backing of a professional music company that can co-invest at least 40% of the costs. Artists will be able to access between $7,500 and $30,000 for a music project consisting of at least two consecutive single releases.

The New Music [Single] funding scheme will support both signed and unsigned artists to record a single and video. Up to $8,000 will be available per song, with the artist co-investing $2,000.

A key change in the new funding schemes allows support for promoting the songs, which is crucial in helping artists find their audience. $2million dollars will be available for new music support in 2016/17. There will continue to be a 60/40 ratio target for mainstream and alternative music funding.

"With the new project-based funding we will partner in multi-single projects with professional NZ music companies who can provide the expertise, planning and support to ensure the best possible airplay and online outcomes for artists," said NZ On Air's new Head of Music and Radio David Ridler.

"At the same time we are keeping a single-based funding scheme so any artist who has a great song  and has started to generate an audience can still apply for funding."

"There are so many platforms for music today that getting noticed is really challenging. Ultimately we are aiming for more people discovering and enjoying more NZ music on radio and online," said Mr Ridler.