Get Crewed!

Posted Thursday 03 Mar 2016

New screen industry publication leaps into being on Leap Day

Launched on Leap Day, 29 February, Crewed is a new monthly magazine. It's published by, WIFT member Kelly Lucas. We congratulate her on this exciting move!

Get Crewed is for, by and about the people and techs who keep the industry going and the content coming.

The publishers of SCREENZ and The Data Book created Crewed to fill a gap that's existed since the demise of Onfilm - featuring content that takes the time to look at some of what's going on in our screen industries.

The first issue kicks off with pieces about the currently-screening Filthy Rich, changes to NZ safety and international air travel regulations that will hit in April, Moxion, ARRI, and the Queenstown-based boss of the world's film commission association.

Check it out, enjoy and tell your friends and colleagues. CREWED will publish 10 times a year (February through November), so don't wait. Get Crewed - in a good way.

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