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Posted Tuesday 24 May 2016

Stephen has been researching how directors are selected and hired.  He felt it would be useful to distill the data and advice he picked up along the way in order to help any aspiring directors.

The result is today's article, entitled 'How to Become a Film Director' https://stephenfollows.com/become-film-director.

Stephen looked at the most common paths into directing, the challenges facing future directors, how to turn

one film into a career and a whole collection of pearls of wisdom from the 200+ film professionals interviewed.

From the Archives: It can take a while to get your directing career going, as illustrated when Stephen looked

at the age of Hollywood directors   https://stephenfollows.com/how-old-are-hollywood-directors.

Only 2.6% of Hollywood directors are under 30 years old and in 2014 the top grossing director

was three months shy of 50 years old!