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Posted Tuesday 10 May 2016

Geraldine by Jan Hellriegel
New on NZ On Screen is the music video for this song from WIFT member Jan Hellriegel's second solo album Tremble. Released in 1995, the video was shot largely in Auckland's St Kevin's Arcade. Although the clip starts calmly enough, at the halfway point it transforms into a wild display of fire, red lipstick and circus performers (including Mika).


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Crowdfunding - yes it's worth it!

Posted Tuesday 10 May 2016


Loading Docs has set a new record on the Boosted crowdfunding platform for the largest percentage funded over target.

Last year, Kusuda the short film that follows Japanese winemaker Hiro Kusuda held the record of achieving the highest percentage over their target on crowdfunding platform Boosted.

But another major record with the 2016 film Mister Sunshine (formerly The Impeccable Larry Woods) has been set. The filmmakers raised $8,957 achieving 447% of their target amount, the largest ever percentage for the crowdfunding site. Mister Sunshine knocked down Kusuda who achieved this record with 357%.

Congratulations to the Mister Sunshine team and a great endorsement for the crowdfunding movement in NZ film. It really is worth considering this platform to raise funds for your film.