An important message from Patricia

Posted Tuesday 08 Nov 2016

WIFT NZ has released our new initiative, the Women Directors Directory, an affirmative action in response to the international cry for gender balance both on screen and behind the camera.  Although there are encouraging statistics coming through from the NZFC and NZ On Air, the fact remains that too few female directors are being used across all sectors of the screen industry.  Research conducted for the Sundance Institute and Women in Film Los Angeles (released April 2015) identified impediments facing female directors, one of which is the perception that there is a small pool to choose from.

By publishing the Women Directors Directory WIFT aims to show programme makers that should they have a real interest in contributing to a better balance and perspective in the content the wider population consumes, there is a woman out there who is capable of delivering their vision.  Some are emerging up-and-comers whilst others are multiple award-winners.  From a TVC, to a music video, to corporate videos, television series or a feature-length narrative, there is someone in this directory for any production, no matter how small or large!

As WIFT members, you have access to these women in the database but If you know a producer who is not on WIFT's mailing list and who would like a copy of the directory, they can email

Patricia Watson

National Manager