Freshly Funded

Posted Tuesday 08 Nov 2016

Congratulations to members:

Claire van Beek

Alice Ralston

Lisa Scott

Rosie Howells

Libby Hakaraia

Ngaire Fuata

Who have been offered funding in the June Fresh Shorts round. This is the first round of Fresh Shorts Funding in which the shortlisted teams were required to attend a three-day residential development lab and then work with mentors before re-submitting their scripts.

At the $10,000 level:

Writer / Director - Claire van Beek; Producer - Alix Whittaker
On the eve of taking her vows Joan is forced to choose between a man, a lizard, and her sexual identity that she is about to give up forever.

The Messiah
Writer / Director - Vela Manusaute; Producer - Sandra Kailahi
A young runaway finds refuge with a 14 year-old self-proclaimed Messiah in a South Auckland garage only to discover that true salvation is in his own hands.

Sail Away
Writer / Director - Tama Jarman; Producer - Ilai Amir & Ella Becroft
Kevin has a dream of becoming a sailor. Everybody he knows thinks he's ridiculous. But it's not going to stop him from doing everything in his power to become the toughest sailor in all Waitemata Harbour.

Southland's Home
Director - Alice Ralston; Writer - Rosie Howells; Producer - Lisa Scott
1972, rural New Zealand. A timid teenager is sent away to serve time in a decrepit girls home... But why is she there?

At the $30,000 level:

M?ori Time
Writer / Director - Tim Worrall; Producer - Cliff Curtis
A Maori businessman's race to save his marriage and recover his family by building a grandiose new house is derailed when an ancient skeleton is uncovered and a tohunga brought in to spiritually cleanse the site.

The Gravedigger of Kapu
Writer / Director - Libby Hakaraia; Producer - Tainui Stephens
A strong young man seeks the skills and knowledge of the tribe's last gravedigger. The gravedigger protects the secrets of the dead and the living. Is strength and youth enough to take on the spiritual demands of the job?

Writer / Director - Jeremiah Tauamiti; Producer - Ngaire Fuata
A young native court interpreter must choose his words carefully, as a Chief fights  for his family and culture, that binds them both.