Support these Bathing Beauties

Posted Thursday 17 Nov 2016

Wet Hot Beauties, featuring WIFT member Pip Hall, is an all inclusive, girl power, community water ballet company performing at the Auckland Fringe and Pride Festivals next February.

They would like YOU to get behind their Boosted campaign.

The Wet Hot Beauties take to the Parnell Baths in their latest full length offering, Sea Change.

Over eighty water ballerinas create a visual symphony, drawing from an emotional narrative that explores the dark and the light, the empowered and the disenfranchised. The things the hold us back, and ultimately, the things that lift us up and set us free.  Above all, it's about being the change we want to see in the world.

Set to a stunning sound track by awe inspiring musical goddesses including Beyonce, Sia and Nina Simone, Sea Change promises all the trade marks elements you've come to love about the Wet Hot Beauties - fun, frivolity, drama, excitement and spectacle.

But Sea Change is more the a show - it's a movement!

A Siren's call to others to shine bright like a diamond. They would love you to join them on their mermaidian crusade to bring joy and light into the world. This is your opportunity to be part of the tribe. To make a positive difference through supporting the arts. To join them on their quest to reclaim girl power and celebrate diversity, one dive bomb at a time.

Sea Change is coming - Join the revolution!