Welcome Aboard....

Posted Tuesday 08 Nov 2016

It seems like yesterday that we welcomed a whole new swag of members - but all the lovely people below represent folk who have joined only since June!  So without further ado, could we say a huge Yoo Hoo to you all. WIFT NZ could not carry on without its members and we value each and every one of you. Please do let us know what you are up to, send us your latest video clips, no matter how short or experimental, and please enjoy being part of this truly supportive organisation dedicated to YOU.

Aidee Walker, Alice Ralston, Amanda Evans, Amie Mills, Andrew Shaw, Ange Senior, Anna Lynch, Armagan Ballantyne, Benedict Reid, Briar Coleman, Bridget Sutherland, Carolyn Beaver, Cassidy Dawson-Tobich, Cate Slater, Chanel Christie, Charlotte Gray, Dorothee Basel, Elizabeth Thomson, Emma Savage, Francis Baker, Ginny Loane, Hannah Wallis, Jackie Maw Tolliver, Jane Mahoney, Jane Ballentyne, Jane Allen, Janine Frei, Jeanneane McKay, Jenna Udy, Jennifer Murdoch, Jessica Hill, Jessica Workman, Jude Callen, Julia Reynolds, Julia Campbell, Juliet Peterson, Karyn Childs, Kat Glass, Katharine Brown, Katherine Wyeth, Kathleen Anderson, Kathryn Graham, Kathy Corbett, Kim Baldwinson, Kirsty Cameron, Kris Vavasour, Leah Perriam, Lesa Macleod-Whiting, Lila Gibbens, Madison Smith, Megan-Lee Brink, Melissa Fergusson, Michelle Cameron, Miriama Prendergast, Petra Cibilich, Sarah Cordery, Serena Cotton, Sophie Bretherton-Smith, Stephanie Turner, Tina McLaren, Vanessa Hawken, Vanessa Byrnes, Vicki Wilkinson-Baker, Victoria Vanderlinden, Virginia Wright, Vivienne Stone, Wendy Youens, Whetu Fala.