Hot off the press from Stephen Fellows...

Posted Tuesday 11 Oct 2016

Crowdfunding provides filmmakers with a much better form of financing than investment or loans.  There's nothing to repay, no one controls the creative process and you own 100% of your film. However, some people question how sustainable crowdfunding is as a repeating funding source. Can you really go back and raise more money on Kickstarter for a second film?

Today's research was sparked by a reader question to Stephen Fellows. James Heath emailed to ask "Do you happen to know many campaign owners who have gone from running smaller Kickstarter campaigns to returning later to do larger ones?"

In order to work this out, Stephen used his dataset of all 47 Kickstarter film projects which had run since the site's launch in April 2009 and the summer of 2015.

You can read the full article here

It makes for a great read!

From the Archives: Last year Stephen looked in detail at how Kickstarter film campaign work.  It produced a number of articles, but the one with the clearest list of data-driven tips is