Our members at Whitebait have another busy year ahead of them!

Posted Tuesday 11 Oct 2016

Pre-schoolers will have a gorgeous new animated series to look forward to next year on TV3.

Kiri And Boo will use hand made paper and clay characters in claymation animation. Focusing on the friendship of Kiri, a charismatic girl dinosaur, and her best friend a sweet introverted prehistoric boy creature, the series will tell stories that help kids navigate their emotions.

Kiri And Boo is the second co-production funded by NZ On Air hoping to access the NZ Screen Production Grant scheme.

Also on TV3 will be a musical Christmas special featuring our favourite furry friend Moe. Moe's Christmas has been supported as a one-off, along with another series of The Moe Show for 2017.

New for teen audiences next year is Someday Stories - a series of six sustainability-focused stories by young filmmakers. Part of The Outlook for Someday project, Someday Stories will screen on The Wireless, M?ori Television OnDemand and thecoconet.tv.


Long-time favourites with younger audiences also returning are The Adam And Eve Show and What Now on TVNZ 2, and Sticky TV on TV3.

"We have some lovely new additions to the children's line up that involve creative thinking and beautiful story-telling. We continue to look for and support new ways to expose our youngest citizens to content that reflects our own culture," said NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

Funding details:

The Adam And Eve Show 2017, 200 x 30 mins, Whitebait TV for TVNZ 2, $3,234,420

What Now 2017, 40 x 2 hrs, Whitebait TV for TVNZ 2, $3,189,000

Sticky TV 2017, 235 x 30 mins plus online, Pickled Possum for TV3, $2,374,429

The Moe Show 2017, 60 x 5 mins, Pop Up Workshop for TV3, $1,093,085

Kiri And Boo, 20 x 5 mins, Field Theory for TV3, $799,630

Moe's Christmas, 1 x 30 mins, Pop-Up Workshop for TV3, $240,674

Someday Stories, 6 x 12mins, Connected Media Trust for M?ori Television OnDemand, $150,000