Shooting this month or next in Wellywood?

Posted Tuesday 11 Oct 2016

Pacific Screen is pleased to announced a special discount to WIFT members looking to hire a Director of Photography in Wellington.

For a limited time, WIFT members can receive a 10% discount on their usual daily rate for a DOP of $1200 per day excl. GST. Until December 2016 WIFT members will receive a special discounted rate of $1080 excl GST per day. This rate includes Director of Photography, with full Canon C300 camera and kit, prime and zoom lenses and a full range of lighting and a new crew vehicle.

Pacific Screen are experienced camera operators who shoot both locally and overseas. Their recent internationally award-winning documentaries include "Gloriavale - Life And Death" and "Gloriavale - A Womans' Place", both with a female producer/director. They have extensive experience shooting for international broadcasters, on corporate videos and for web content.

Next time you're thinking of filming in Wellington, call Ivars Berzins at Pacific Screen. You'll save on taxis, airfares, crew travel hours, ground costs and hire vehicles, and go home with a brilliant job by award-winning local shooters.

Scoring your discount is easy - just quote your WIFT membership number when you book the crews.