Friday night just got a whole lot funnier

Posted Tuesday 13 Sep 2016

Forget the boring blokey heavy-handed humour on 7 Days - this is a smart, sassy comedy option for Friday night (or any night given it's on demand) and we guarantee you WILL laugh out loud...

View the trailer for WIFT members Roseanne Liang and Kerry Warkia's new series called "Friday Night Bites," coming out Friday September 16th on TVNZ on demand and free on Youtube.

It's a weekly comedy webseries, following 26 eclectic Friday nights in the lives of three co-habiting

20-something Kiwi-Asian women. It's smart, silly, snackable narrative content.

It's going live on Sep 16, 2016 and it's premiering each week on TVNZ OnDemand, until Feb 2017.

After a one week delay, episodes go on YouTube for extended viewing.

Check out the website for more information...