A warm welcome to new WIFTers

Posted Monday 07 Aug 2017

Nearly 50 new members have joined in the past few months, so it's about time we officially gave them a shout-out... Kia oraaaaa!

To all members, remember that WIFT is here to work towards your best interests. Let us know your triumphs so we can celebrate them in e-news; tell us what you'd like to see improved in the industry; look up potential colleagues on the member directory and get in touch; take advantage of our discount partners; read in e-news about people who've received funding and hit them up for work; come along to one of our training sessions.

Have a fabulous August!

- Abi King-Jones
- Amber-Rose Henshall
- Anggit Pangastuti
- Annabel Cooper
- Aruna Po-Ching
- Caroline Thomson
- Casey Zilbert
- Catherine Bisley
- Celine Carlisle
- Charlotte Hill
- Debra Kelleher
- Dorien Vermaas
- Ellie Beard
- Emily Innes
- Emma Draper
- Emma Clifton Perry
- Esme Christiana Hodgson
- Fairooz Samy
- Francesca Carney
- Hayley Hewer
- Hema Patel
- Ivars Berzins
- Jackie Dennis
- Jane Anderson
- Judith Cowley
- Karpal Singh
- Katie Frost
- Luanne Gordon
- Lucy Ewen
- Lynnaire MacDonald
- Marie Jenkins
- Marney Brosnan
- Mary Guo
- Matasila Freshwater
- Meg Huston
- Miryam Jacobi
- Natasha Harris
- Nick Garrett
- Rose McMahon
- Rosie Jones
- Sally-Ann Louisson
- Sandani Wijetunge
- Sandy Mamoli
- Sarah James
- Scarlett Wild
- Sienna Davis
- Tara Pradhan
- Tina Larsen

Next Up...

NZFC releases Statement of Intent 2017-2021

Posted Monday 07 Aug 2017

NZFC is working hard to make the planets align. No, really.

The organisation has just released its Statement of Intent, reflecting the strategic objectives for the four-year period from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2021 - and there's an extended planetary metaphor going on within the pages. (But with good reason.) The goals?

- Pathways and careers for people
- Increased economic activity
- More eyeballs on films here and overseas
- Culturally significant films
- Amazing, original, satisfying fims

The report details how NZFC is going to achieve that. Check out what NZFC has to say at http://www.nzfilm.co.nz/about-us/publications - the Statement of Intent is below the Annual Reports and Statements of Performance Expectations.