Ten minutes with Kari Skogland

Posted Sunday 06 Aug 2017

What's with the trend for feature directors moving to television? Director Kari Skogland discusses this and her incredible career and process in this 10-minute vid.

From writing and directing feature films, Kari Skogland has become one of the most sought-after television directors in the US, with credits including Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead, The Americans, House of Cards, Vikings and The Handmaid's Tale.

Speaking to DQ, Skogland reveals a passion for history that led to working on shows such as The Borgias and History miniseries Sons of Liberty.

With a penchant for action, stunts and explosions, she also describes her desire for scale and scope when choosing her next project, and her directing process when she joins or sets up a new show. Lots to see in here!