WIFTer projects win NZOA funding

Posted Tuesday 12 Dec 2017

We're excited for Kelly Martin, Robin Scholes, Kim Harrop and Kerry Warkia whose projects received funding in NZ On Air's December funding round - the last NZOA funding round of the year. Martin's project Brokenwood Mysteries (starring Neill Rea, pictured above left and Fern Sutherland, above right), New Zealand's unique murder mystery series, is returning to Prime for season 5, and Martin is also working on the psychological thriller The Bad Seed with Robin Scholes for TVNZ 1. Meanwhile, it's great to see women involved in comedy: Warkia's project Darryl, A Coast To Coast Story will feature on TVNZ On Demand, and Harrop's Fresh Eggs, co-scripted by Nick Ward, is a black comedy for prime time on TVNZ 2.


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Ending Violence doco seeks final funding push

Posted Tuesday 12 Dec 2017


Sandani Wijetunge and Rose Archer are hoping the halo effect of an angel donor will help brighten their fundraising efforts for their documentary Ending Violence. Their BOOSTED! crowdfunding campaign has been promised $4000 if 50 more donors come on board. We think this is a great cause and encourage you to donate to the campaign here. All it would take is 50 donors contributing $80 each towards the campaign, says Wijetunge. Ending Violence follows Leslee Udwin, a multi award-winning activist, as she strives to introduce a paradigm-shifting education program into preschool classrooms all over the world through her global initiative Think Equal.