Multi-talented WIFTers shoot micro-budget feature over just 10 days

Posted Friday 17 Feb 2017

Gemma, Steve, Hayden, Nick in gazebo

The micro crew and ensemble cast on writer-director Casey Whelan's micro-budget film Hang Time, including two multi-talented WIFT members, are still catching their breath after completing their feature-length shoot in just 10 days.

Hang Time is a New Zealand wine and bros film, like Sideways (2004) but for Millennials, with emphases on masculinity, friendship and the female gaze. The film was shot in Wellington, on the Interislander ferry and at a vineyard in the South Island's earthquake-affected Kekerengu region.

The film follows Harry McCallister (played by Hayden J. Weal, Love and Time Travel), who has been ditched by his fianc�e just two weeks before the Big Day, and Harry's two best friends Ants (Nick Davies, Filthy Rich) and Jess (Gemma Knight, Generation Girl, What Now), as they spend a weekend at the beautiful Sleepers Vineyard, where Harry's destination wedding was supposed to take place.

WIFTer and screenwriter-producer Steve Barr (Born to Dance, Love and Time Travel) is co-producer on Hang Time, along with Whelan, and in typical micro-budget style Barr also first ADed and acted in the film.

Fellow WIFTer Nic Learmonth production designed Hang Time - it was her first feature-length production design project. Whelan and Barr invited Learmonth on board after they saw her work in the HP 48Hours short The Tender Grace.

Everyone on the shoot doubled up on jobs, with writer-director Whelan also playing runaway fianc�e Fiona, Weal also editing, Knight doing SFX make-up, DOP Brandon Te Moananui and camera assist Dylan Patel juggling camera and lighting, production designer Learmonth on wardrobe, and soundie James Dunlop, Davies and Katrina George (Bella) helping out between shots.

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Image: The morning after a big night on Hang Time: Jess (Gemma Knight), Jake (Steve Barr), Harry (Hayden J. Weal) and Ants (Nick Davies).