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Posted Monday 23 Jan 2017

Have you made a resolution to more effectively publicise your work this year? Then consider putting yourself forward for the 'Featured Member Profile' slot on our homepage.


Not a fan of blowing your own trumpet? Think again: this is a great opportunity to let others in the industry know what you're passionate about, what you're great at, and what sort of projects you'd like to work on.


Email with 'Featured Member Profile suggestion' in the subject line if you'd like to nominate yourself for this slot. (Inclusion is subject to demand - we'll support as many members as we can, but can't guarantee space for everyone.)

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NZ On Air: staff changes and 2017 funding strategy

Posted Monday 23 Jan 2017

It's been all go at NZ On Air lately. The organisation published its 2017 Funding Strategy, which will be implemented from 1 July 2017; it's a new, platform-neutral funding strategy and single media fund. They're soon to launch a fully online application system, too.

NZ On Air has also streamlined its structure: congratulations to the many WIFT members involved, including WIFT board member Brenda Leeuwenberg.

The NZ On Air Senior Leadership Team comprises the Chief Executive Jane Wrightson, supported by EA Nicky Andrew, and five specialist division heads.

The Head of Funding is Glenn Usmar.
He is supported by Associate Head of Funding Ben Reid, three Funding Advisors (Anna Currie, Sarah Crowe and a third currently being recruited), and a Contracts Assistant, also being recruited.

The Head of Corporate Services is Clare Helm.
She is supported by Associate Head of Corporate Services Hui-Ping Wu, two Assistant Accountants (Siammone Mounlath and Gemma Fulton), and receptionist/administrator Robyn Diamantis.

The Head of Music is David Ridler.
He is supported by two Music Promoters, for Platforms (Jeff Newton) and Content (Hannah Brewer).

The Head of Innovation is Brenda Leeuwenberg, and Head of Communications is Allanah Kalafatelis.

Community Broadcasting Manager Keith Collins has returned with his family to Dunedin, and Music Repertoire Executive Tania Dean is taking up another industry opportunity in a couple of months.