WIFTers feature strongly in MOA nominations

Posted Tuesday 24 Jan 2017

MOAs finalists

Congratulations to all you nominees for the MOAs. It's fantastic to see so many WIFT members on the finalists list!
There are a few special mentions but as you all know, it takes so many people to get a project off the ground. So, congratulations to everyone who worked on any of the nominated films, in any capacity. Well done all! (Here's the rundown of all finalists. The awards ceremony is on February 18 in Auckland.)




Rialto Channel Best Film
Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Leanne Saunders)
Mahana (Robin Scholes)
NZ On Air Best Television Feature
Abandoned (Liz DiFiore)
Bombshell (Philly de Lacey)
How to Murder Your Wife (Philly de Lacey)
Jean (Paula Boock & Donna Malane)
Venus and Mars (Philly de Lacey)
Park Road Post Best Self Funded Film
Broken Hallelujah (Vanessa Riddell)
Chronesthesia (Steve Barr)
Stars in Her Eyes (Athina Tsoulis)
Sunday (Catherine Fitzgerald)
The Great Maiden's Blush (Isobel Mebus & Jeremy Macey)
Image Zone Best Cinematography
Ginny Loane (Mahana)
Letterboxd Best Production Design
Kirsty Cameron (The Rehearsal)
Bigpop Studios Best Sound Design
Amy Barber (Deathgasm)
Images and Sound Best Visual Effects
Park Road Post (Deathgasm)
Best Costume Design
Kirsty Cameron (Slow West)
Kirsty Cameron (The Rehearsal)


New Zealand Film Commission Best Documentary
25 April (Leanne Pooley)
The Ground We Won (Miriam Smith)
Best Documentary Director
Leanne Pooley (25 April)
Lotech Media Best Documentary Editor
Prisca Bouchet (Ever the Land)


Best Short Film
Feeder (Mhairead Connor)
Linda's List  (Angela Bloomfield & Kate McDermott)
Shout at the Ground (Leela Menon)
WAIT (Yamin Tun)
Halcyon Digital Best Self Funded Short Film
Every Moment (Maile Daugherty)
Food For Thought (Robin Murphy)
Tide (Thomas Sainsbury)
Actors Agents Association of New Zealand Best Short Film Actress
Angela Bloomfield (Linda's List)