A revealing interview with Jane Campion

Posted Tuesday 25 Jul 2017

"Jane Campion, one of the world's great film directors, has had it with the movies. It is eight years since she last made a full-length feature (the Keats biopic Bright Star), and 14 years since her sexually explicit thriller In The Cut almost did for her career. Now she is having a Norma Desmond moment: she's still big, it's just the pictures that got small."

This excellent feature on Jane Campion starts off good and gets better: TV vs movies, never wanting to be a film director, profoundly female works, and much more. Well worth a read!

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Kiwi short accepted into UK Aesthetica Festival

Posted Tuesday 25 Jul 2017

Nurse Me - a short film by Kezia Barnett, choreographed by MaryJane O'Reilly and produced by Rebekah Kelly - has been accepted into the Aesthetica Short Film Festival, 2017.

Founded in 2011, ASFF is an international film festival that takes place annually in York, UK, at the beginning of November. It is a celebration of independent film from around the world, and an outlet for supporting and championing filmmaking.

ASFF is organised by Aesthetica magazine, a publication for art, design, and photography. The festival is a BAFTA-recognised short film festival.

Nurse Me is based on the dance 'Nurses' from MaryJane & Phil O'Reilly's stage production In Flagrante. Emerging from the sea's dark folds, three lone figures are reborn into a post-apocalyptic world. The nurses - bearers of solace, fetish and sexual power - have been drawn back to the centre, the vortex, to where it all began. Funded with the help of Creative New Zealand.

Watch the Nurse Me trailer; follow them on Facebook; keziabarnett.tv.