Geena Davis: from Thelma and Louise to the profitability of gender equity

Posted Monday 24 Jul 2017

A Hollywood star for 35 years, Geena Davis has devoted the later years of her career to exposing her industry's flaws. This excellent Guardian article from a few months ago takes a wide-ranging look at Davis's film career, her growing realisation that all was not well in gender equity, and the institute she set up to create change.

There's a lot to gain from this piece, but for starters, we love her story about talking to Hollywood's "decision-makers and creators". Instead of haranguing them about featuring fewer females in lead roles...

'Davis shows them the GD-IQ's [Geena Davis Inclusion Quotient] findings on profitability. Films featuring female leads make on average 15% more than those with male leads, while films featuring male and female co-leads earn almost 24% more than those with either a solo male or female lead. "Their jaws are on the ground." She grins. "Everywhere we go, it's the exact same reaction. They are floored."'

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