Much WIFT success in NZOA July funding round

Posted Friday 21 Jul 2017

Big round of applause to WIFT members Notable Pictures, Screentime New Zealand, Great Southern Television, Attitude Pictures, Diva Productions, Greenstone TV, Cabrikaan Productions and A C Productions...

They've all just received funding to tell a wide range of Kiwi stories, in NZ On Air's first funding round under the NZ Media Fund's Factual stream.

We're also pleased to note that in the Scripted stream, a heartening 12 new dramas received development funding this round - that's a power of new work coming through. On the production front, congratulations to South Pacific Pictures, who received funding in the Scripted stream.

NZ On Air's NZ Media Fund, which came into being on 1 July this year, invests in public media for many audiences on a range of platforms. The first funding round has just been decided, the first time NZ On Air has considered television, radio and online projects on a level playing field.

Factual content supported in this round covers topics as diverse as popular music, history, politics, health, natural history, te ao M?ori and stories from the fringes of society.

Content supported in this round will be available on a variety of mainstream and specialist platforms.

Check out full details of the Factual projects and Scripted projects funded in the July round.

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NZ Television Awards now open for entry

Posted Friday 21 Jul 2017

Enter yourself! Encourage someone else to enter! The New Zealand Television Awards are officially open for business.

The New Zealand Television Awards recognises excellence in television, and honours the special skills and unique talents of the companies and individuals who create, produce, and perform in television programmes in New Zealand. The awards is open to traditional, subscription and digital television platforms.

Because they haven't been held for a number of years, the Eligibility Period for the first Awards will cover a two-year period from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2017. Thereafter the Eligibility Period will be from the 1 July to the 30 June each year.

Key dates:
NZTV craft awards: November 8
NZTV awards ceremony: November 30 at SkyCity, Auckland

Find out more and get entering!