New Zealand's Best 2017

Posted Sunday 02 Jul 2017

WIFTers have written, directed, produced and acted in three of the six finalists in the New Zealand's Best 2017 competition - woohoo!

Book your tickets to see the films, then cast your vote for your favourite (WIFTer film, cough cough) to win the Audience Choice Award. Members are highlighted in bold. Comments in italics are from Gaylene Preston, who chose the six finalists.



Do No Harm (above)
2017, 12 minutes
Festivals: Sundance 2017
Director/screenplay: Roseanne Liang 
Producer: Hamish Mortland 
With: Marsha Yuan, Jacob Tomuri
A doctor abides by her Hippocratic oath even when violent gangsters interrupt her surgery. Female power rendered extreme by a director successfully stretching her muscles in every direction.


The Dregs (above)
2017, 15 minutes
Director/screenplay: Matt Campbell
Executive producer: Leela Menon
Producer: Annabel Carr
With: Eamonn Tee, Shayla Crombie, Florence Noble
A teenage misfit starts a band only to lose control to the school bully. I cannot believe this director was not born in 1975! A tribute to high school bands, the Gordons and what elevation from dorkhood a guitar can accomplish.


Laundry (above)
2017, 11 minutes
Director/screenplay: Becs Arahanga 
Producers: Julian Arahanga, Kath Akuhuata-Brown 
With: Aidee Walker, Jarod Rawiri
A frustrated mum struggles to find intimacy while raising a young family. A real woman's sexy adventure elevating domestic life and putting the poems of Hone Tuwhare in a place not usually found!