NZIFF films by female directors

Posted Monday 03 Jul 2017

As well as the riches offered up by WIFT members in the NZIFF programme, there's also a comprehensive line-up of female directors in general (again, hooray!). From big names to quiet achievers, these women bring us characters and events from their particular point of view.

An Insignificant Man: Khushboo Ranka
Beach Rats: Eliza Hittman
The Beguiled: Sofia Coppola
Berlin Syndrome: Cate Shortland
Bill Frisell: A Portrait: Emma Franz
Blue: Karen Holden
China's Van Goghs: Kiki Tianqi Yu
The Desert Bride: Cecilia At�n
Don't Tell: Tori Garrett

Faces Places

Faces Places (above): Agnes Varda
The Farthest: Emer Reynolds
The Future Perfect: Nele Wohlatz
Free Theatre: Shirley Horrocks
Heal the Living: Katell Quill�v�r�
House of Z: Sandy Chronopoulos
I Am Not a Witch: Rungano Nyoni
The Inland Road: Jackie van Beek
Jasper Jones: Rachel Perkins
Kedi: Ceyda Torun
Kobi: Andrea Bosshard
Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web: Annie Goldson


La Chana (above): Lucija Stojevic
Let the Sunshine In: Claire Denis
The Love Witch: Anna Biller
Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts: Mouly Surya
Maudie: Aisling Walsh
Mountain: Jennifer Peedom
My Year With Helen: Gaylene Preston
On Body and Soul: Ildik� Enyed
The Party: Sally Potter
Pop Aye: Kirsten Tan
Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan: Linda Saffire
Risk: Laura Poitras
Rumble: Catherine Bainbridge
Sami Blood: Amanda Kernell


Step (above): Amanda Lipitz
Summer 1993: Carla Sim�n
Swallows and Amazons: Philippa Lowthorpe
Team Tibet: Robin Greenberg
Top of the Lake: China Girl: Jane Campion
The War Show: Obaidah Zytoon
Trophy: Christina Clusiau
Unrest: Jennifer Brea
Waru: Ainsley Gardiner, Briar Grace-Smith, Chelsea Winstanley, Katie Wolfe, Paula Jones, Renae Maihi, Casey Kaa, Awanui Simich-Pene and Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu
Western: Valeska Grisebach
Where There is Life: Gwen Isaac
Winnie: Pascale Lamche

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What Lies That Way

Posted Monday 03 Jul 2017

What Lies That Way

Catherine Fitzgerald co-produced this heady combination of ethnography and lyrical expressionism, set in the spiritual world of the Lak people in the rainforests of southern New Ireland, Papua New Guinea.

What Lies That Way
New Zealand/?Papua New Guinea, 2017, 89 minutes, in Lak and Tok Pisin with English subtitles
Director/producer: Paul Wolffram
Co-producer: Catherine Fitzgerald

In a documentary exploration of altered states, ethnographer and filmmaker Paul Wolffram returns to the remote community in the island region above the mainland of Papua New Guinea where he once lived for two years - and where his hosts collaborated on his playful exploration of their ancestors' tales in Stori Tumbuna (2011). Now his ambition is to take his cultural understanding to a spiritual level: he is determined to undergo the dangerous initiation process into their Buai shaman cult.

In a remote area of the forest, the camera runs as the filmmaker is given magical substances harvested from nature and left to fast without food or water for four days and nights, alone in the bush. Few undergo the initiation nowadays and there's only one old sorcerer in the region with the experience and confidence to assist. "You won't die," he tells Wolffram, "but you will lose all strength."

Moving beyond ethnography, Wolffram orchestrates Luke Frater's stunning cinematography of rainforest and sea to an immersive sound design by Bernard Blackburn in order to impart his singular experience of psychic danger and creative epiphany.