Shorts with features

Posted Saturday 01 Jul 2017

Yet another reason to get to your screening on time - nine members have been involved in shorts screening before features (names and roles in bold).


Have you tried, maybe, not worrying-Facebook

Have you tried, maybe, not worrying? (above)
2017, 15 minutes, World Premiere
Director/writer: Rachel Ross
Producer: Hamish Mortland
A young woman's life is riven by a crippling anxiety disorder. Screening with To Stay Alive: A Method.

2017, 7 minutes, World Premiere
Directors: Craig Gainsborough, Luke Thornborough
Co-producer: Kat Glass
The lives of June and her pet dog Lucas change forever. Screening with Kedi.


We All Need Love (above)
2017, 9 minutes, World Premiere
Director: Brendan Donovan
Producer: Leela Menon
A solo mum working as a cam girl makes an unwanted connection. Screening with Kiki, Love to love.

The World in Your Window
2016, 15 minutes
Festivals: Tribeca 2017, Short Shorts Tokyo 2017
Director/writer: Zoe McIntosh
Producer: Hamish Mortland
Executive producer: Michelle Turner
Eight-year-old Jesse strikes up an unusual friendship. Screening with My Life as a Courgette.

EXTRA: Last month, The World In Your Window won the Official Competition (International) at Tokyo's Short Shorts Film Festival.


Thanks to the good folk at Loading Docs 2017 (including executive producer Julia Parnell and project manager Nia Phipps), there are also four Loading Docs world premieres in this year's festival... including:

The Coffin Club small

The Coffin Club (above)
2017, 4 minutes, World Premiere
Director: Briar March
Producer: Kim Harrop
A musical documentary about the celebration of life and death. Screening with Hotel Salvation.

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Fresh Shorts funding open

Posted Saturday 01 Jul 2017

Fresh Shorts funding is now open!

Fresh Shorts aims to identify the next generation of New Zealand feature filmmakers by nurturing and inspiring up-and-coming talent. NZFC has $280,000 available for the production of up to fourteen Fresh 10 and Fresh 30 short films, split between two rounds per year.

If you've got a short film in the works and are looking for funding, head to NZFC's new Online Application portal to apply. Or find further Fresh Shorts details on the website.

This funding round closes at 5pm on Friday 14 July, 2017.

If you have any questions about the Online Application Portal, please send them by email to

Good luck, all!