The most exciting NZIFF line-up we've ever seen

Posted Monday 03 Jul 2017

NZIFF hero image

We're stoked to bring you this special NZIFF edition of e-news - because there's a power of good news in the items that follow.

Today's e-news highlights all the films at this year's New Zealand International Film Festival in which WIFT members played a key role: directing, producing, writing, acting, supervising. We don't think we've ever seen a NZIFF year where WIFT and women in general have been so strongly represented; nice one, Bill Gosden and the programming team!

In the listings that follow, in random order, we're highlighting the features and shorts of WIFT members. Their names and roles are in bold.

We also want to acknowledge all the unsung WIFT heroines and heroes who've worked on these films, and other films in the line-up. There are so many unseen yet vital roles in the making of a film, and you're all part of telling our stories that run the gamut from valuable to whimsical.

You know what we're going to say next - book your tickets, put on your scarf and hat, and head out to support your fellow filmmakers in the wonderful creative community we're part of. See you at the festival!