Video slot: Both Worlds

Posted Tuesday 25 Jul 2017

Both Worlds

Series producer Julia Parnell and director Corinna Hunziker are excited to announce the arrival of Both Worlds season six, beginning this Sunday (July 30) at 11am on Three.

Both Worlds follows a diverse group of Kiwis from migrant and refugee backgrounds as they face the challenge of staying true to themselves in modern New Zealand while honouring the expectations of their cultural heritage. A youthful and intimate series, the subjects pick up cameras to tackle subjects like youth depression, LGBTQI identity and racism.

In the first of eight episodes, former refugee and orphan Octaves Sylver (above) has found a home, a family and a community in his new country New Zealand. However despite the safety he has located, the shadow of his former life hangs over him.

A talented hip-hop dancer, Octaves is the only African 'B-boy' in the New Zealand scene and feels that he doesn't totally fit in. To allow him to fully settle here he is anxious that he must learn more about his Congolese heritage and most importantly discover what happened to his mother, who died when he was just three.

Slip on those headphones (go on, you deserve a break) and check out the teaser:

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