Video slot: Irene Gardiner on producing and commissioning TV

Posted Monday 10 Jul 2017

Irene Gardiner

Producer Irene Gardiner has had a long career in television, including roles at TVNZ as head of the Production Unit, and Commissioning Editor. She is also a media commentator, and spent seven years as NZ On Screen's Content Director.

NZ On Screen has just uploaded their new ScreenTalk interview with Irene Gardiner. It's just seven minutes long and is a whistle-stop tour through fascinating decades of NZ TV.

In the interview, Irene speaks about:

� Meeting legendary musicians while working on Radio with Pictures and Ready to Roll
� Producing her first show 3:45 LIVE!, with the talented Phil Keoghan and Hinemoa Elder
� How Newsnight was initially the media's whipping boy
� The challenge and rewards of heading TVNZ's Production Unit
� Why Mucking In was one of her favourite shows
� Why she found commissioning a tough job
� Feeling proud of her time at NZ On Screen
� Being incredibly lucky to have "stumbled" into producing, and her thoughts about the future

Watch the video here.