WIFTer shorts on the road

Posted Tuesday 25 Jul 2017


The NZIFF is up and running and coming to a city near you - watch out for the regional dates, which run through August and September.

Meanwhile, make sure you pop along to see some fantastic short films in New Zealand's Best 2017 (Wellington 2-3 August, Christchurch 8 & 10 August, then on the road around the country). Four of the six films screening have WIFT members in key roles!

Do No Harm - Director/Screenplay Roseanne Liang, Producer Hamish Mortland
Laundry - Starring Aidee Walker
Untitled Groping Revenge Fairytale (above) - Director/Screenplay new WIFTer Catherine Bisley
The Dregs - Executive Producer Leela Menon

Next Up...

ScreenTalk with Catherine Fitzgerald

Posted Tuesday 25 Jul 2017

There are lots of nuggets of wisdom in the new NZ On Screen ScreenTalk interview with long-time producer Catherine Fitzgerald. She speaks about:

� How producers are creative too
� Learning a lot about filmmaking from director Vincent Ward
� Why she appreciated the talent of director Taika Waititi
� Director Tusi Tamasese impressing people overseas
� How Tamasese's film One Thousand Ropes was ahead of its time
� Why the international film festival circuit is so important
� How to get more diversity in the film industry

Check it out! https://www.nzonscreen.com/interviews/catherine-fitzgerald