WIFTers pick up NZFC board production financing

Posted Tuesday 11 Jul 2017

A round of applause for Julia Parnell and Nicola Peeperkorn, and Marilyn McFadyen... their films came out triumphant in the latest round of production financing considered by the NZ Film Commission board.

In total, six projects were funded: 50% of them were written by women, and Julia flies the flag for female directors. Read on to learn more about the six successful films (and which people you may now be able to hit up for some work!...).

Martin Phillipps and The Chills
The story of lyrical genius Martin Phillipps and his iconic New Zealand indie rock band The Chills is a cautionary tale, a triumph over tragedy, and a manifestation of music's importance in our lives, all at once. A documentary directed by Julia Parnell and Rob Curry, written by Nicola Peeperkoorn and produced by Nicola Peeperkoorn, Tim Riley and Julia Parnell.

The complex and layered world of China approached through the motif of colour. A documentary directed by Mike Single, written by Marilyn McFadyen and produced by James Heyward.

The Guinea Pig Club
Maverick Kiwi surgeon Archie McIndoe risks his career, his reputation and his marriage to heal the horribly burned bodies and - most importantly - the tortured souls of heroic RAF fighter pilots in WW2. A historical drama directed by Roger Donaldson, written by Mike Riddell and produced by Tim Sanders.

A young couple's love and marriage is celebrated and tested in a heart-aching musical drama featuring original versions of iconic New Zealand songs. Directed by David Stubbs, written by Rochelle Bright, and produced by Richard Fletcher.

When his beloved wife dies unexpectedly, a curmudgeonly farmer attempts to transfer control of their humble Northland dairy farm to his reluctant son. Written and directed by Hamish Bennett, and produced by Orlando Stewart.

Untitled David White/James Ashcroft Project
After being acquitted of murdering his family, a young man tries to rebuild his life while an obsessive ex-cop turned llama farmer attempts to prove his guilt. Directed by David White, written by White and Henry Feltham, and produced by White and James Ashcroft.

Find out more about NZFC production financing here.