Open letter to Cannes over how parents were treated

Posted Tuesday 13 Jun 2017

Rallied by the website/community agn�s films, a group of filmmakers, actors, film critics, film festival organisers, distributors, scholars, audience members, and activists have written an open letter to the Cannes Film Festival organisers to show their concern over the way in which parents, in particular mothers, were treated at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.

"The entire Cannes Film Festival community is short-changed when award-winning talent cannot stay because they may not be able to bring their families... Parenting is a reality for many filmmakers, distributors, critics, and other workers in the film industry, and it often enriches the stories they are able to tell and their approach to their work. Particularly for parents of small children, being unable to bring them to film festivals when they have a film on the circuit can prove traumatic-as well as economically unviable-for both parent and child."

But rather than just complaining, they've pointed out a range of ways Cannes can adopt from other festivals to welcome parents and children.

Read the letter.